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Narcocorrido Wars

A neutralized refuge behind the fourth wall, this is the space that the constant flux of news coming from Ciudad Juárez seems to build for the connected citizenship. Other informers, however, achieve the reactivation of the communicative interaction:

The farm, by Los Tigres del Norte

"If the dog is stingy / Even if she barks all day long / They don't have to let her loose / ... / Thanks to the fox we came to know / That it started to break the plates / And the dog's rope too / ... / The rabbit is always dying / In and out of the cage / And every day a lot of deaths / All over the farm / Because the field isn't sown anymore / As it was before with alfalfa / ... / Since the dog broke free / Everybody knows it now / All we farmers have to tie her up"

Narcocorrido Wars

Shoot against the music segments of the wheel clicking on the button and go through the following levels. If you miss your shoots, they will either turn against you, or generate more segments to exterminate.


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